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Errors that occur in a m-ld engine should be signalled with the given error codes where appropriate. The means by which errors are signalled is platform-specific.


Enumeration members

Bad response

Bad response: = 5002

The engine has received a response that it cannot parse. This may be due to a version inconsistency, or a bad actor.

Bad update

Bad update: = 5001

The engine has received an update that it cannot parse. This may be due to a version inconsistency, or a bad actor.

Clone data is locked

Clone data is locked: = 5034

The clone data is not writeable due to a platform limitation such as file locking, or concurrent access controls.

Clone has closed

Clone has closed: = 5032

This clone has been closed, explicitly by the app or due to an error. All subsequent transactions will fail.

Clone outdated

Clone outdated: = 5035

The clone's data is out of date and no other clones have kept sufficient information to recover it. The app could re-try initialising the clone later if, for example, the architecture includes a clone which keeps a long history, but it is currently unavailable.

Delta too big

Delta too big: = 4002

The requested transaction results in a delta that is too large to transmit using the current message publishing implementation.

Meld is offline

Meld is offline: = 5004

The engine has attempted an operation that requires other clones to be visible. This indicates a concurrency problem in the engine.

No error

No error: = 0

No error has occurred.

No visible clones

No visible clones: = 5031

This is a new clone on the domain, but no other clones are visible, possibly due to a network partition. The clone cannot initialise.

Pattern is not read or writeable

Pattern is not read or writeable: = 4001

A json-rql pattern has been specified that neither reads nor writes data, for example a Group with variable content.

Request rejected

Request rejected: = 5003

The engine has received a rejection from another engine on the domain to one of its requests. This could lead to the clone failing to initialise, or shutting down shortly after initialisation.


Unauthorised: = 4030

A request was made for data for which the current security principal does not have access rights.

Unknown error

Unknown error: = 5000

A serious error has occurred in the engine implementation.

Unsupported pattern

Unsupported pattern: = 5011

The engine does not support the pattern in the transaction request.

Update out of order

Update out of order: = 5005

An update from another clone has arrived out-of-order, and the clone has not been able to recover. This indicates a concurrency problem in the engine.

Updates unavailable

Updates unavailable: = 4041

A request was made for updates in the too-distant past. This can occur when following clone updates, or when re-starting a clone that has been offline for too long.


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